Want to look like a 8-year-old? Rollies complete the job.


Have you seen all of the little kids running around stores and then stop running, but they continue in the direction they were going at the same speed? If so, they were wearing some shoes that have rollerskate type wheels in them. Maybe you don’t have these shoes, or maybe you don’t want to pay the extra $30 for the wheel. Instead of investing in a dedicated pair of shoes for this little feature, why not just buy the Rollies? They strap onto your shoes and complete the job of the other skateshoes. They look like they use regular skate wheels, and they come with the light up wheels. You know, the ones that you children wanted for Christmas that went on their brand new Razer and made the colors of the rainbow when they were spun. Wondering how much the cost? Around $75. Please, wear these and see how long it takes for someone to realize that you aren’t a preteen but a grown adult. They will laugh. Maybe with you, but more likely they are laughing at you. Sorry Charlie. — Nik Gomez

Rollies [via SlashGear]

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