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Perpetual Rube Goldberg Machine Made Out of LEGOs

Much like an enlarged prostate, this LEGO Rube Goldberg machine, left to its own devices, would just keep going and going and going. Some Goldberg machines have a goal, such as creating the perfect cocktail, others are made simply for their geeky aesthetic but this particular device simply is. And it continues to be. With the assistance of various building ...

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Another Stunning Rube Goldberg Machine

So you’ve seen the Star Wars Rube and the perhaps that viral ad Cadbury did with the eggs. Now we’ve found a Rube Goldberg machine that most Americans would be proud to build. It’s none other than a cocktail-mixing machine! But not just any cocktail… This Rube Goldberg machine makes sheer delight out of the process of mixing a Falling ...

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