Perpetual Rube Goldberg Machine Made Out of LEGOs

Much like an enlarged prostate, this LEGO Rube Goldberg machine, left to its own devices, would just keep going and going and going. Some Goldberg machines have a goal, such as creating the perfect cocktail, others are made simply for their geeky aesthetic but this particular device simply is. And it continues to be.

With the assistance of various building toys, a few tiny balls and of course, LEGOs, it’s clear the maker of this machine has little to no life. Though in their defense, you’ve got to fill all that time of not getting laid with something. Might as well be a geeky hobby.

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  1. Yeah it’s geeky, but it’s gimmicky enough to possibly turn it into a full time job… I could think of a lot worse ways to make a living.

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