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Design Your Own Jimmy Hat

I’ve always wanted my face printed right on the end of my rubber love glove. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until that dream becomes reality. On the other hand, getting a hold of custom FDA approved, lubricated condoms with my face printed on the wrapper is a possible alternative. �MyFace Condoms� allow you to include your name, picture, a special ...

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Ninja Bunny Cord Clean-up

Do your headphone cords curl up into a big mess that not even a rubber band or twist tie can maintain? Then you are in need of a ninja bunny. It’s a cable manager that adds a hint of geekiness and style to that jumbled mess of strings dangling from your ears.� Well, unless you’re in Korea, you won’t find ...

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Kassou Concept Wishes It Could Fly

What in the blue fuck is this thing? The strangest looking compact three wheel concept car we’ve ever seen, even stranger than the Cerva MC08. It’s called the Kassou, which means “glide” in Japanese and it’s from designer Britisher Dunderdale. It came in second place at the Car Design News Contest 2008, most likely due to it’s unique flexible rubber ...

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The Burnout Machine

Ever seen a radical car do a crazy burn out in the movies? It seems Steven Laurie was big on watching that kind of stuff. So big that he decided to make his very own Burnout Machine. It looks like a moving dolly mixed with a lawnmower to be quite honest. The machine works by powering it up and revving ...

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Super Rub’a’Dub is game adapted from Sony ducky demo

Nostalgia is responsible for many people buying things they really don’t need. While the new game that will be released onto the Playstation Network is probably pretty fun, we can’t help but think that rubber duckies could have been replaced by some other item. You read right, that demo that everyone saw of the ducks getting poured into a small ...

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