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LadyBag Tells You What You’re Missing, Physically And Emotionally

We’ve seen a pretty wide array of uses for RFID tagging, including senior citizen control and kitteh management. LadyBag is a smart personal accessory which uses RFID tags to monitor the items you bring with you out of your home, such as your keys and wallet, and also judges your emotion based on your person-to-bag interaction. When the sensors on ...

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Fujitsu’s interactive UBWall in the wild, cramming products down your throat

The UBWall is a Fujitsu-made concept which has burrowed its way out from under the R&D walls into Japan’s busy consumer district. UBWall is an interactive touch display with integrated Wi-Fi and RFID capabilities which first appeared about two years ago, but is only recently being used in the wild. Financial-services company Nomura Securities is installing an still undecided amount ...

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