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The Wii Bowling Ball Acessory

Is this really necessary? Come on now. At this point the list of available Nintendo Wii accessories is getting out of control. What’s next? An egg whisk add-on that I can use to play those ridiculous cooking games? No thanks. Link

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Wii Vitality Sensor

See? This is what happens when you don’t believe me. You Wii owners must be really fucking excited by now. A vitality sensor add-on! It can measure your heartbeat! Guess what? You can do it without Nintendo’s overpriced hunk of plastic. Take two fingers, place on wrist, feel for pule – voila. I pity the fool who throws away their ...

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I need not tell you how we feel about the Nintendo Wii here at Gearfuse. All I’m saying is that this screenshot from the game Excitebots is making me crack up this morning. “SUPER SANDWICH?” Seriously? Link

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BMW ZX-6 Concept “Car”

I can only imagine how great crack cocaine must be. Seriously, it’s gotta be one hell of a drug. I know this much because the design team at BMW has obviously been smoking a shitload of it. Well, actually, it wasn’t BMW that designed the ZX-6 Concept, it was created by students at Turin-based IED design studio. Certainly not the ...

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