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The New Batmobile

The recession has hit Batman pretty hard. In fact, he can’t even afford gas for his old Batmobile anymore. He’s replacing unleaded with peanuts. They might want to attach a fricken’ laser beam to his head. It’d be nice to have a weapon other than trample, you know, just in case we happen to be chasing down a criminal overlord. ...

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Monopoly: Recession Edition

Can you take advantage of a suffering economy before your 401k dries up? Can you snatch up enough foreclosed real estate before your rivals own all of the marbles? Well, the few marbles left that is. Thus is the challenge you face playing Monopoly: Recession Edition. This fully-fictional board game allows for a modernly accurate gameplay experience. What other chance ...

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Gold iPhone 3G Hits eBay Circuit

Recession? What recession? This 24-karat gold iPhone 3G has made its way onto the auction site eBay in hopes that it’ll draw a high bid. While I don’t doubt it will, whoever ends up winning must not be affected by the current economic crisis. You can buy it now for a mere $1016.72, which is pennies for people like Bill ...

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Math Teacher Uses Advertising On Exams

Oh yes. The United States is most certainly in a recession right now. Times are tough and everyone is going broke. Teachers, in particular, are feeling the heat as they look for a way to offset the cost of items for their students. School budgets can’t cover everything, after all. In comes San Diego, CA-based teacher Tom Farber. He teaches ...

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