Math Teacher Uses Advertising On Exams

Oh yes. The United States is most certainly in a recession right now. Times are tough and everyone is going broke. Teachers, in particular, are feeling the heat as they look for a way to offset the cost of items for their students. School budgets can’t cover everything, after all.

In comes San Diego, CA-based teacher Tom Farber. He teaches calculus at Rancho Bernardo High School and needed more paper for his students’ practice exams and tests. Instead of bitching about costs, Tom decided he’d be better off selling ad space on his tests. 75 people have emailed him about ads already and he’s made $300 on it so far. Costs range from $10 for a quiz to $20 for a chapter test, all the way up to $30 for the final exam of the semester. All the sponsors are companies that want to target children, so there’s no ad for a Big Mac on the bottom of a test. I think it’s a fine idea and a great way to generate money for a school that seems way overstretched. Nice work, Tom.

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