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The reality behind virtual reality

Mobile Phone

Let’s go back ten years. The need to know about the world and to connect with everyone was strong, and hence came the cell phones. But human being is selfish and also never satisfied. Our minds kept wandering, trying to find a way to live in an alternate reality and hence came the virtual reality devices. For the first time ...

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The Painful Reality of Super Mario Bros

Owww… my childhood. At least he hasn’t moved on to designer mushrooms. I had an idea that Mario was a dealer. But a user? I knew not. It’s that pesky Luigi that got him into this mess. I just know it. I know it was you, Luigi. You broke my heart. Link

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I Love Realism T-Shirt: Totally Hearting Reality

If realism were a reality, rather than a philosophical perspective, the world as we know it would change before are eyes. For one thing, there would be no more reality TV (clearly), and the classic “I Love (heart)…” t-shirts would look a little different. The “I Love Realism” t-shirt illustrates just how different life would be if reality really was ...

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Augmented Reality Mask Emulates The Matrix

Perhaps one day, our world will be ravaged by gigantic robots, nuclear war and stray cats. If this occured, would you really want to spend your days looking at dilapidated buildings and the sort? Of course not. Then, in comes the Augmented Reality Mask to save the day. Trust me when I say it’d go perfectly with the Urban Security ...

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