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This Is One Rude Unicorn

Wild unicorns aren’t always as couth as their farm-raised meaty counterparts. They haven’t been to exposed to the proper way unicorns should act. For one, it is always inappropriate to skid your ass against the ground, no matter how magical the said ass might be. But with that being said, I wonder if its possible to rent a wild unicorn ...

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Vintage Apple Logo Trucker Hat

Have you been down with Apple since they were one with the rainbow? Pure sex. Sadly sold out for now. Let’s hope for a triumphant return. I will own one. Link [via]

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Credit Card Rainbow Collage: Debt is Beautiful

Credit cards don’t mean much these days. For awhile they were so easy to get and use, despite your financial situation, that they have become a second currency, albeit a worthless one. Made using thousands of credit cards, freecards, discount carts and gift cards, the Credit Card Rainbow displays the varied colors of debt, in all of its majesty. Commissioned ...

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Rainbow Jellyfish

I’ve got to book a trip to Tasmania because if they have jellyfish with fucking bright rainbows shooting out of them, I can’t wait to see what the shit on land looks like. Some jellyfish researcher (really?) named Lisa Gershwin discovered the new species off the coast of Tasmania. The crazy part about this jellyfish is that it doesn’t even ...

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Retro Apple T-Shirt

So have you got $45 sitting around? Good. You’re going to need it before Apple gets its legal team all over these light-up retro Apple t-shirts. They feature the rainbow Apple logo of days past. The best part is that it responds to sound and will flash in sync with a beat should you provide it with one. Sure, $45 ...

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Rainbow In Your Hand Isn’t As Naughty As It Sounds

Seeing a title like Rainbow In Your Hand made me think that I would be clicking my way to a gay porn movie. So as any heterosexual male would do, I continued with cautious bi-curiosity. Rainbow In Your Hand is actually a 36-page flipbook which creates the illusion of a rainbow as you flip through the pages quickly. Japanese art ...

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