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New York Stadium Reebok Pump Series

Reebok and the MLB have teamed up to create a limited edition set of shoes that will have any true New Yorker screaming “Gimme those fuckin’ shoes, jerkoff!” The two shoes available feature either Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium coloring and artwork. Only 150 pairs of each shoe will be produced, with the number printed on the inside of the ...

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Reebok EXT-LUX Collection

So you’ve spent all weekend working on your latest steampunk outfit. You have the helmet, the walking stick and even the pooch. You and your posse are ready to take the world by storm…except for one thing: your shoes are lame. Those blue Nike Air Force Ones aren’t going to make the cut for your outfit. Lucky for you, Reebok ...

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File Under Menial Tasks: Gas Pumping Robot

While there seems to be plenty of Pedro’s Bill’s and Achmed’s Jim’s to pump my gas for me while I clean off the face of my Rolex (here in Jersey we still don’t have self-serve, huzzah for laziness), someone seems to think that a robot could complete the task much better than a minority upstanding citizen. Costing a tremendous $110,000, ...

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