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Full Metal Disney: Serious Movie Scenes With Disney Voices

Try as I might, I could never quite pull off an adequate Donald Duck impression. Some people are born with the gift and some are not. Apparently R. Lee Ermey and Samuel L. Jackson are two of them who were. YouTube user dingdangler takes extremely serious movie scenes and dubs them with animated Disney voices such as Donald Duck, Mickey ...

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Say Tweet Again T-Shirt

Tweet, tweet, tweet. Do they speak English in Tweet? Tweet ain’t no country I ever heard of. What does Biz Stone look like? Say tweet again. I dare ya, I double dare ya, say tweet one more time. Jules is one bad mother shut yo mouth. I don’t think he’s kidding. Would you test a man with that gun and ...

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Jewelry For Those Of You Who Are Into Whips And Wax

Remember in Pulp Fiction when Marsellus Wallace is getting fucked in the ass by a couple of rednecks? Of course you do, it’s most likely one of your favorite scenes. Well if you’d like to sport a style that resembles that of The Gimp’s, I’d have to recommend Kate Cusack’s zipper jewelry. From S&M-inspired necklaces to beautiful, chic bracelets, this ...

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