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RIM Launches Blackberry App World

This is no April Fool’s prank, my friends. In the wee hours of this morning, RIM switched on its competitor to Apple’s App Store, the Blackberry App World (how creative). You’ll be able to browse top apps, find new ones and hope someone was able to make a half-decent program in such little time. RIM is saying that by the ...

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TiVo Delivers Pizza While You Get Fatter and Wiser

Ordering pizza from the comfort of your couch while watching your favorite television shows on DVR is now a realization. That is, if you’ve got a TiVo. Now that Netflix has bailed TiVo out, TiVo is getting smart by offering its customers a crucial feature that’ll prevent them from leaving their seat: pizza. A new Domino’s widget is available for ...

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