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Bokode: The New and Improved Barcode

Measuring only three millimeters in diameter, detectable by mobile phone cameras as far as 12 feet away and capable of holding hundreds of times the information of traditional barcodes, the new MIT-developed bokode system could revolutionize the way we shop. As an example, imagine standing in front of a bookshelf holding thousands of books. The bokode system would allow users ...

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Pop Up Vitamin Water Store

Look, I’m not going to lecture you about what you should be eating or drinking. I don’t know how your lifestyle works. But I can tell you this: Vitamin Water won’t make you thin but if you are big on the soda and junk food, it’s a good way to start weening yourself off that crap. Those of you in ...

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Bill and Melinda Gates Ban iPods, iPhones In The Home

Oh quit crying, you two. You have enough money to wipe your asses with $100 bills for the rest of your natural born life. In a recent interview with Vogue, Melinda Gates stated that she keeps iPhones and iPods out of the hands of her children. The direct quote sez: “…there are very few things that are on the banned ...

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Win Big: 12 Days of Bluetooth Technology

Everyone likes giveaways, unless of course that giveaway has to be won by submitting a picture of you posing as Alfred E. Neuman. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is announcing the 12 hottest Bluetooth enabled products for the 2008 holiday season by launching a giveaway event on Bluetooth.com. These products were hand selected to highlight fun, gift worthy Bluetooth enabled ...

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Steve Jobs Comes Clean, Admits MobileMe Launch Sucked

Ars Technica has gotten a hold of an internal e-mail sent out to Apple employees yesterday. It’s from Steve Jobs and guess what? He’s not very happy about MobileMe. Not at all. In fact, Jobs thinks that MobileMe should have been rolled out piece-by-piece or delayed somewhat. He says the launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” “It was a ...

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Cataloging China’s Knock-Off Goods

China’s “black market” is notorious for their awful rip-offs of other products. Amoni Exchange anyone? Pinches Chinos is a website which is focused on cataloging every piece of China knock-offs they can get their hands on. From the stylish to the obscure, the results are hilarious. Whether they be specific attempts at ripping off another brand (such as the iFan ...

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