Pop Up Vitamin Water Store


Look, I’m not going to lecture you about what you should be eating or drinking. I don’t know how your lifestyle works. But I can tell you this: Vitamin Water won’t make you thin but if you are big on the soda and junk food, it’s a good way to start weening yourself off that crap. Those of you in NYC will no longer need to hit up the local bodega for a bottle of the good stuff. Coca-Cola, the parent company, is opening up a “pop up” Vitamin Water store in the old Helio store on Broadway in SoHo. It opens tomorrow but the question is: What will go on in there? Are they just going to sell Vitamin Water? Coke products? Apparel?

We need answers! I think I’ll investigate tomorrow afternoon and will report back this weekend.


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  1. i walked by this store today and had to do a double take: ‘was that a vitaminwater store i just saw?’ apparently it’s only there for 10 days:


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