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Target Photo Kiosks Now Let You Print Photos From Facebook

Target announced today that their Kodak photo kiosks, where customers can print out their own photo prints, will now support Facebook connectivity. Users will be able to log-in and print out photos featured on their own Facebook page in glossy professional prints. Well at least now you know you’ll never be short of photos of your friends making kissy-lips at ...

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Target Gift Cards Feature Digicam

Remember a few years ago, when the Nintendo Wii came out, how Target had light-up gift cards that made people go batshit crazy? Well Target realized how great free hype is for your company so it’s decided to up the ante this time. When you’re shopping this month, stop by a Target to get a gift card that features a ...

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The Funk Sole Brother

I have to admit, those non-slip shower mats can be handy when I’m hungover and can’t be bothered with controlling my limbs during a shower. Unfortunately, most are dull and unexpressive, usually featuring colors such as “Calamine Lotion Brown” and “Seagull White.” The Sole Mat is crystal clear and features shoe-prints all over the place, upping your bathroom’s credibility as ...

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Barack Obama Air Force Ones

Artist Jim Lasser is showing a political art exhibition in Portland, Oregon called “The Dunk on McCain.” For the exhibit Lasser made this neat pair of Barack Obama Air Force Ones featuring the Democratic nominee on the soles. Lasser’s exhibition also features a series of prints made with the shoes. You’d think that Obama fans would prefer stepping on John ...

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Dymo DiscPainter Changes Your CD / DVD Face

Aren’t you kinda sick of seeing some random company logo strewn across your very personal CD mixes? We know people put a lot of heart and soul into their mixes. It’s only right to have your own design on it a well. The Dymo DiscPainter prints 600 dpi graphics directly onto your disc in about a minute. The USB powered ...

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