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The Final Verdict: Walmart iPhone 3G

We’ve been covering the constant rumor mill known as the Walmart iPhone 3G. At one point, people were speculating that Walmart would offer a 4GB iPhone 3G at $99. Ha! Those rumors came and went and are now nothing but a memory. Walmart has released an advertisement that shows the 8GB iPhone 3G at $197. That’s a whopping $2 in ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/23/08

Amazon launches first Black Friday sale [Electronista] – Prices can get even lower?! Wireless Blow Dryer / Spy Camera [Gizmodo] – The next version of Taxi Cab Confessions Official Rock Band Bag [CoolestGadgets] – For taking your gigs on the road. Road Cone Lighting [GeekAlerts] – God spite you if you run over one of these.

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