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POV Display Ping Pong Paddles: Ping Pong for the Deaf

Troika’s POV Ping Pong Bats offer something previously only available to connoisseurs of ping pong themed comic books (is there such a thing?). Visual sound effects. Not quite sound at all really, but more a descriptive word which not only adds a touch of zing to the game but helps the hearing impaired understand that there are potentially elements of ...

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POV iPhone App Allows For Endless Fun

We’ve covered our fair share of persistence of vision gizmos here on Gearfuse. You know, you wave something around in the air and the message is written in the air. You can easily get a kit and build your own POV toy but why bother? You most likely have an iPhone so just download the Light Writer app from the ...

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The Last HOPE: POV Spectactles

Found at the Last HOPE Conference, this is actually a spinning sphere that looks like Earth. It uses POV to create an imaginary spinning world. There’s also another POV device that interlaces two colors with each other.

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Trip Out: DIY Arduino POV Device

Who doesn’t love a good POV device? Watching designs come out of spinning lights is always a pleasure for people of all ages. Now you can build one on the cheap and with an Arduino if you own one. Materials are relatively easy to acquire and the results look decent. Link (via)

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Viva Las Vegas

Great project, strange name. Created by Danish artist Alexander Laner, Viva Las Vegas is a project that makes one gaze in wonder and amazement. Creating POV visuals from a spinning set of recycled hardware and neon lights, Viva looks to engage the user in an inebriated state and hold their attention continuously. So if you’re in Copenhagen, Denmark anytime soon, ...

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