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Sansa Express fits any budget, $60 for a gig!

If you haven’t already bought an iPod or any other MP3 player, you are pretty far behind the times, but don’t fret, all is not lost. Sansa has released its Express MP3 player that is designed specifically for those who don’t want to spend a large amount of money. It comes with 1GB of built-in flash storage, but if a ...

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Macworld: iMainGo by Portable Sound Labs impresses

“Small system. HUGE SOUND!” Says the box of the new iMainGo portable media player that has been released at Macworld 2007. It will connect to any MP3 player as it uses the headphone jack as well as the proprietary iPod 30pin connector. It has garnered much attention at Macworld, and the Portable Sound Labs booth has had a great amount ...

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