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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Bacon (Infographic)

While my tongue might be more acquainted with bacon then any body part should healthily be, I have to admit, my knowledge of bacon history, lore and trivia had been lacking. One of the many reasons I love the medium of infographics is the bite-sized pieces of information in provides. For example, I can read a fact, which in turn ...

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Queer As Folk Headphones

These flamboyant pig earphones are just what the doctored order for the fruit inside every one of us. The Japanese company Green House has made them out of soft silicon and these pigs come in three different sizes for those with pig ears to match.? For only $12, you can show show everyone you enjoy the sausage. Maybe pork? Either ...

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The Pig Phone: OM NOM OINK NOM

The Hamburger Phone which appeared in the movie Juno caused quite a stir among meat enthusiast everywhere, but what about a pre-cooked version of one of our favorite meats. The Pig Phone makes us crave for a slice of crispy bacon.

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