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Smokey the Bear Vomiting Fire and Other Results of Surrealism Meets Pop Art

If you’re the type of person who considers Wilma Flintstone’s nipple and Mr. Peanut beating the living hell out of a California Raisin pieces of art, seek professional help… immediately. Actually no, wait a second. First you can look at these surrealistic pieces of pop art by Todd Schoor, which melds together the bizarre with the overplayed. If you happen ...

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Lichtenstein-Inspired Star Wars Pop Art

Inspired by the 1963 pop art piece “Whaam,” Deviantart user bergie81 created this awesome Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Star Wars print. And besides that, bergie81 is even offering a high-quality PDF of the vector art piece absolutely free, which is more than we can say about other artists on the internetz. This Rebel fighter is one bad-ass. You’ve gotta be bad to ...

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Pop Art-Inspired Converse Sneakers

Inspired by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Indiana, these pop art-infused Converse sneakers integrate famous pop prints into the design of the shoe. No Warhol that I can tell, but who cares, Warhol is everywhere already. Did you ever think you’d own sneakers featuring Banday dots? I think not. Link [via]

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Marylinized Monsters

Take an iconic movie monster, add some neon color and Warholian-flair, and boom… instant pop art. These Marylinized Monsters by Jesse Lenz incorporate the iconic Warhol portrait of Marylin Monroe, or at least Marylin’s hair, into famous portraits of famous movie monsters. Link [via]

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Delicious Tomato Soup Shoes

Mmm mmm… good. These comfort shoes designed by Jeffrey Campbell (pretty apt last name) would go great with a pair of grilled cheese mittens. You can buy your own custom pair for $102.99. These have Kanye-style written all-over them. These Warhol-inspired kicks are reasonably priced seeing as most pop-art crap is extravagantly priced. Link [via]

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Spray Can Stool Provides Proper Seating for Vandals

The “Cap” Spray Can Nozzle Stool is an awesome ode to the purveyors and enthusiasts of graffiti. Designed by Don’t Feed The Swedes, this rad seat is a stand-alone piece of pop art all on its own. Slap a few Andy Warhol posters on your wall and you’ll be stylin’ like Kanye.

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