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Even The Poorest Of Bums Can Afford This Computer

Think that $130 NPX-9000 Firefox tablet or the OLPC $75 touch screen laptop are as cheap as it gets? Think again. The brains at MIT are sure of themselves that they can create a computer for a mere $12.� With a price tag like that, it’d only take a few hours of panhandling outside of a McDonalds to accumulate the ...

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The “BeggingBot” Is The Worst Kind Of Hobo

Alexander Gurko went and turned an old, useless computer into a poverty-stricken jukebox. Using 3.75 and 2.5 inch floppy drive and a very old hard disk, the run-down PC chooses it’s own tunes. The Catch? “BeggingBot” plays some DJ Techno/House beats but if and only if you pay it via the CD-ROM tray. We’ve seen PCs playing music with their ...

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