Slightly Weird Browser-Based Game Challenges You to Survive Poverty

Imagine that you’re just one bad circumstance away from getting evicted. Or having your electricity shut off. Or having your car´┐Żrepossessed.

Actually, that’s the way that most of us live right now — balancing on a precipice of late bills, keeping up with rent and cutting back on personal expenses.

Well, now you can play a game that lets you feel what it’s like to be poor — for free!

“Spent” is a free browser-based game that attempts to raise awareness about poverty circumstances in the USA. You can choose a job (server, warehouse worker or temp), and attempt to survive for 30 days of being super-poor. Will you have your pet put to sleep to save money, or pay the $400 in veterinary bills? Will you let your gas or your electricity get shut off this month? Will you enroll your child in a sports program, when it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars in lost hours at work, not to mention equipment costs?

Anyway, if this sounds like… fun, you should head over to the website and check it out. How many days would you last in poverty?

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