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Smoon Ombrella

Sometimes you stumble across a piece of gadgetry that can really help brighten up your home (both figuratively and literally). Essentially, the Smoon Ombrella is a device that acts as a light source and vaguely resembles a glowing moon in the sky when placed on your Manhattan rooftop or sun room or dungeon, etc. The product of furniture designers Beau ...

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Money ain’t a thing: Logitech’s 200$ Keyboard

Sure its not the 1200 dollar Optimus keyboard, but seriously who cares. If peripherals are your thing then you probably already have a nice laser Logitech mouse, like say the MX Revolution (100$). And the perfect companion for your overpriced mouse is a 200$ 199$ keyboard. The “ultra-slim Logitech diNovo Edge” apparently makes trackpads obsolete, and it should for that ...

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