Money ain’t a thing: Logitech’s 200$ Keyboard

logitech dinovo edge keyboard

Sure its not the 1200 dollar Optimus keyboard, but seriously who cares. If peripherals are your thing then you probably already have a nice laser Logitech mouse, like say the MX Revolution (100$). And the perfect companion for your overpriced mouse is a 200$ 199$ keyboard. The “ultra-slim Logitech diNovo Edge” apparently makes trackpads obsolete, and it should for that price tag. Of course it uses Bluetooth technology, but the coolest thing is that the dock doubles as a keyboard stand, “very nice.”

The diNovo edge offers “the PerfectStroke key system”, a Laser-cut look from a 11 mm piece of Plexiglass, their patented TouchDisc scrolling, and of course Backlit stealth controls. If keyboards are your thing the diNovo Edge might be worth checking out, if not “well our bad.” — Zach Wilt

Logitech diNovo Edge [Logitech]

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