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The Periodic Table of Comfiness

The Periodic Table is so hot these days. Why not integrate it into your home decor? Other than the ideas innate geekiness, it seems like a cool little concept. But then again, geekiness is what we’re all about. This awesome Periodic Table of Elements Quilt will make your serotonin levels soar as you cuddle up in its cuddliness-inducing folds. Link ...

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Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses

These awesome Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses serve as mobile advertisements for the Oxford Science Park in the U.K. I wonder if one of these bad boys will go up for sale after they’re done with the marketing scheme. A ride like this would go perfect with a set of Periodic Picnic Tables.

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Periodic Picnic Table of Elements Fills Your Tummy With Chemistry

She might have blinded you with science, but what are you going to do when you start getting hungry? Filling your belly is a lot more difficult when you can’t see your own food. This Periodic Picnic Table is cool enough to bring sight to the blind. Prove me wrong. I don’t know what I’d do to own a table ...

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