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Pastebud: Copy and Paste On The iPhone

Lucky you, iPhoners and iPod Touchers. Seems a little “application” called Pastebud brings copy and paste functionality to Safari and Mail through clever JavaScript and bookmarking. Consider it the year’s ultimate iPhone hack. It’s not an official application that you get through the App Store but it sure as hell works. Hey, it’s the best you’re going to get until ...

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Chuck Norris Papercraft Kicks Ass But Has No More Paper To Take Names

Chuck Norris is a man’s man. I’ve got no idea why, considering most of the movies he’s in suck major ass but he’s good with karate and supports the troops. That’s gotta count for something. As homage to one of the greatest living Internet memes in existence and the Scott McCoy, DeviantArt user Billybob884 has been cutting and pasting like ...

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OpenClip: Copy, Paste On Your iPhone

For all the iPhone owners out there, I don’t know how you can live without copy and paste functionality. Lucky for you, there’s OpenClip: A non-profit, open source implementation of copy and paste for the iPhone, OpenClip uses an area of the filesystem to enable participating apps to share the contents of a common clipboard. A small number of apps ...

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2 months with the UV lamped toothbrush case

Japanese are obsessive with hygiene, so much that somebody invented the ultimate toothbrush carrying case with built-in UV lamp; supposedly it’ll kill germs. While everything sounds so much like a dream, the case is so portable, the UV lamp runs on AAA batteries. So the guys who tested it took it for a try, their conclusion this morning is that ...

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