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RRoDMan: Xbox 360 Innards Become A Robot After Red Ring of Death

If you’re tired of the never ending cycle of sending in your RRoD’d Xbox 360 to Microsoft for a refurbished console that is likely to just have the same exact problems all over again, there’s an even cooler alternative than calling Microsoft tech support. You might not be getting your gaming money’s worth, but what you lack in game playing ...

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13-inch Macbook Pro Teardown

As always, whenever a new gadget is released, the guys at iFixIt are keen to immediately ripping it apart. This time around, they’re blogging their teardown of the new 13-inch Macbook Pro. Those who are squeamish should exercise caution when clicking the link below. Link

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Shot Glass Printing Machine

Here’s a video of a RepRap machine that can print out its own three-dimensional shot glasses. Does a robot get any cooler than that? Yes. The kind that brings you a beer. Why not get a LEGO Mindstorms setup going on that pours liquor into finished shotglasses? Now there’s an idea. Link

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Vintage Typewriters Reinvented

Reminiscent of the City Foundry Bots, in comes a new breed of artsy sculptures made from old tech junk. Jeremy Mayer cleverly reworks old-fashioned typewriters into life-like humanoid sculptures. Occasionally, the wild feral cat is thrown into the mix, but most of his portfolio consists of bipedal robots. The intricacy of design is impeccable. You’d never think all those parts ...

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