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TiVo Gets Bailed Out By Netflix

Step aside Microsoft, there’s a new Netflix streamer in town. Today, Netflix announced that it has added TiVo to its growing list of streaming partners. Being that TiVo’s subscriber base hasn’t grown much since 2005, we’re thinking TiVo needs this partnership more than Netflix; considering Netflix has already partnered with LG, Microsoft and Samsung. Netflix will be available to TiVo ...

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Nokia might as well buy Palm

It is an open secret that Palm is short of capital and resources, but recently there’s been noise coming out that Palm is in fact actively looking to be acquired, and Nokia is in talks with the company. Palm might be able to increase the momentum of product release, which is actually one of the reasons of the disappointing sales ...

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Verizon, NHL, NHLPA to have multi-year relationship

                  The NHL and the NHLPA (National Hockey League Players� Association for those who didn�t know) have created a partnership with the nation�s leading cell phone service provider, Verizon, for exclusive promotional and marketing rights. These rights will give Verizon exclusive access to certain NHL events such as the Stanley Cup and ...

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