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Because It’s Friday: Elephant Pandas

So here’s the deal. Apparently, the Thai people really, really love pandas. They love pandas so much that they are willing to paint their national animal, the elephant, to look just like over-sized smelly versions of the cuddly bears. Keepers of Thailand’s Ayutthaya Elephant Kraal threw some paint on five of these huge rodentphobic mammals and paraded them through the ...

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Panda Ear Buds Perfect For Your Japanese Girlfriend

If you’re a true geek you’ve likely either dated a Japanese girlfriend or fantasized about having one. If by any chance you actually have one, they would surely go totally nuts over these Panda Ear buds. You know how girls, in general, not even specifically Japanese, are into this cutesy shit. Even if you’re a hipster dude, you might dig ...

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