Feed your inner panda with a bamboo keyboard

From Chinavision’s product description for the all-bamboo keyboard and mouse:

In Confucius Ideology, Bamboo represents the true noble men, those who gain inner peace through being virtuous. When our supplier uses all natural bamboo, a symbol of Confucius culture to produce this keyboard and mouse combo, they create a unique product that evokes in the users a deep feeling of peace, calm and tranquility.

This handcrafted All Natural Full Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Combo not only looks unique and trendy, it also helps you improve productivity. The laser engraved bamboo keys absorb sweat, stay clean and feel comfortable. In addition, the extra four shortcut keys give you easy access to internet, e-mail, mute and calculator.

It’s not clear who needs a sweat-absorbing keyboard; it’s my understanding that pandas don’t perspire. Of course, if you have a panda, then a bamboo keyboard is the last thing you’ll want to have on hand. But it might pair up nicely with a Panda PC from Nohrtec computers.

Inexpensive to grow, easy to process, and relatively sustainable, bamboo is a great, green material for flooring and even basic construction; there are some splendid-looking bamboo iPhone cases out there as well, and impressive bamboo bicycles, too. But a bamboo keyboard? There panda, and then there’s pandering.

[via NextNature]

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