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Cough Into This Headset

Did you get a ticket for talking on your cellphone while driving? Man, that sucks. Well, do something about it, get a headset. Better yet, get a headset to feed your nicotine addiction. Making calls is as easy as shouting into this cigarette box. It’s designed for Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson cellphones or people trying to get over cancer by reminding themselves ...

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Martin Jetpack Is Almost Rocketeer Status

Let’s face it, we all want to be as cool as The Rocketeer. Fighting Nazis as a masked hero with a jetpack doesn’t get any cooler. Now a jetpack is hitting the mainstream market. Martin Jetpack is the world’s first practical jetpack and it was launched in action at Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture, right around the time of Virgin’s White ...

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Ultimate Smokers’ Phone Reloaded… Marlboro Stylee

A little more than a year ago we brought you the Ultimate Smokers’ Phone, a device which was made to look like a Chinese-brand of cigarettes’ pack, and even held real cigarettes. This time around, we’ve found a adaptation of the device which is much more Americana, featuring the design of the well-known Marlboro brand. The Dual-band Marlboro phone features ...

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