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The Cat Organ: The Most Bizarre Musical Instrument You’ve Ever Seen

The cat organ, also known by its German name Katzenklavier, was a piano-like instrument that replaced the hammering of the traditional percussion piano with a line of cats fixed in place, their tails attached under a keyboard. Every time a key was pressed, a corresponding cat’s tail was yanked, making the unprepared feline shriek out in pain. The cats would ...

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Steampunk Organ Computer Will Play the Marriage Tune at My Wedding

When Megan Fox and I get married, I will demand only the best for our wedding. Which means this Steampunk Organ Computer will definitly be making an appearance. Sure, there might not be actual functioning pipes, but that’s nothing a little Pro Tools can’t fix. I can’t even say it doesn’t include a keyboard because HELLO, it’s got QWERTY. Everything ...

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DIY: Discrete LED Color Organ

What better way to translate audio signals into light patterns than with this DIY project from Electronicpeasant.com. Throwing a few parties at your house while your rents are in Tahiti? Build a bunch of these, throw on some jam band music and take some hallucinogens to pay tribute to the late great Albert Hoffman. Perhaps some of your friends could ...

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Beer Bottle Organ Is Not A Waste Of Beer

There’s something to be said about a man who owns an organ comprised of beer bottles. Though making an organ work with bottles is very old-fashioned, Gary Rickert takes it to the next level using every-day brand beers we know and love. Each bottle is individually filled with just the right amount of mineral oil for a diverse sound, not ...

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