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Murder Ink: For Your Most Sinister Grocery Lists

Murder Ink is not your average notepad and is certainly not for the weak at heart. Meant for only your most evil of memos and most sinister of grocery lists, the Murder Ink Notebook leaves a bloody surprise for your loved ones or co-workers. Depending on where you work this might not go over as well. If you work in ...

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AquaNotes: Waterproof Notebook for the Shower

I get some of my best ideas in the bathroom. Usually my time in the lavatory is spent trying to clear my mind from the stresses of the day. It just so happens that it’s these moments when I’m free to think and ponder. I usually forget most of my best bathroom material, mostly because there’s no way for me ...

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BookMarker: Saving the Page and Making a Note

I’ve never been one to mark up my books with notes. There is something seemingly sacrilegious about penning up the pure paper of a tome of knowledge. Even if that tome happens to be a Harry Potter novel. The BookMarker is made to not only save your place, but contains a super thin pen which lets you mark up your ...

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Winter Recreated Indoors… With Post-It Notes

Don’t ask me why they did it, but they did it. Design group “I Never Kissed A Dog” spent hours, meticulously covering a room in white Post-It notes, as to recreate the wintery whiteness of the coldest season of the year. The project, called “Winter 1972,” does a bang up job of recreating the sharpness of winter’s chill, and it ...

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Notepad iPod Cases For The Closet Sleuth

Half iPod case, half notepad and all business sums up this $27 dollar iPod Nano 3G peripheral from Scripta. Whenever I’m in a Vic Mackey kind of mood, I know this case will come in handy. It helps me keep tabs on my informants and trust me, I have a lot of them*. Whether it’s keeping track of incriminating evidence ...

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Logitech Io2 digital pen, yet another no one will buy

How many times have you wished that those notes you took could be transfered into your computer for editing? Not too many… Well, that might explain why not too many people have caught onto the digital pen idea. Not only is it awkward to hold something of this size and write with it, it is just dumb to spend $150 ...

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