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I Never Loop. Do You?

When two chatbots discuss Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault, it's Waiting for Godot meets the Turing test, in the stagecraft of Annie Dorsen. Video after the jump.

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Philosophy on the brain: idiolects

"An idiolect is a language (or some part or aspect of a language) that can be characterized exhaustively in terms of intrinsic properties of some single person, the person whose idiolect it is."

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Garden Noam Chomsky

Hey man, don’t come crying to us when your new Garden Noam starts correcting your linguistic skills or berates your guests with tirades about U.S. foreign policy. We totally warned you and we might just let an “I told you so” fly. Garden Noams are the new Garden Jawas are the new Garden Gnomes. Link [via]

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