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Are Those Nipple Enhancers Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

There’s nothing the ladies love more than a pair of perky man nips. Forget about that (very) little secret you hide in your Jockeys. As long as you’ve got a pair of nipples capable of cutting diamonds, the ladies will come a-flocking, regardless of how rank your breath might be. The Body Perks Nipple Enhancers let the opposite sex (or ...

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“Things Better Than Boobs” Book is Predictably Short

At only 128 pages (which is surprisingly lengthy and likely filled with awful lies) the book “Things Better Than Boobs” sounds like it’s about 125 pages too long. This book would be great for reading on the john. Maybe as a coffee table book? Screw guests, this is for me. Though I’m suspicious of anything that promises more than they ...

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