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Bloodbot Will Try Not To Stab You In Your Face

Although the temptation is so hard to bear, the Bloodbot told me personally that if you’re a good boy, it’ll try not to stab you in your face with its needle. Bloodbot was made to give nurses more time to read their gossip rag magazines and to swoon over the new hunky residents. Those five minutes of patient interaction was ...

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Most Badass Geek Tattoo Ever Etched On Flesh

Jack Newton is a fan of science. A dedicated fan. His decision to permanently print a portrait of the world famous physicist Stephen Hawking on his leg not only proves his die-hard attitude towards science but also demonstrates his excellent taste in body art. The tattoo – complete with a Monty Python line from the classic Life of Brian film ...

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Vault Boy’s Bloody Mess

Check out this cool tattoo based on the Fallout 3 perk called Bloody Mess. Kotaku reader David Lo has high hopes for the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. So high that he decided to permanently ink the game’s mascot, Vault Boy, on to his arm. Fallout 1 and 2 are classics, but Fallout 3 – that remains to be seen. Here’s to ...

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Your Brother’s Ink Is Mine! You Will Be Next

Would you buy someone’s tattoo off of them? No, I don’t mean pay for them to get the tattoo inked into their skin (or teeth), I mean pay for ownership of the ink that is already on their skin. This is probably the first case of selling of a tattoo while still on the owner’s body. Tim Steiner sold the ...

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Pinhead? No, More Like Buffalo Bill

A publicity stunt celebrating the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing leaves 2008 needles in Dr. Wei Sheng’s head as well as a few hundred in his shoulder (just for kicks). When you’re already in the Guinness Book of World Records for sticking needles into your head, there is little you can do besides stick more needles in your head to ...

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