Your Brother’s Ink Is Mine! You Will Be Next

Would you buy someone’s tattoo off of them? No, I don’t mean pay for them to get the tattoo inked into their skin (or teeth), I mean pay for ownership of the ink that is already on their skin. This is probably the first case of selling of a tattoo while still on the owner’s body.� Tim Steiner sold the tattoo on his back to Zurich gallery owner Jutta Nexdorf for about $218,000.

Ha, sucker! Doesn’t he know he could have gotten that tattoo himself for $214,500 dollars cheaper? Belgian artist Wim Dalvoye took 35 hours to create this elaborate tattoo of the Virgin Mary. The artsy fartsy Jutta Nexdorf plans on exhibiting Steiner’s back three times a year and when Steiner passes away, Nexdorf will most likely skin him and display the tattoo in his gallery. What an asshole.

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  1. alan and jayne jubb

    we would like to find out more on this subject. jayne is in the process of having as many tattoos done on her body (waist up) as time allows. as she is dying from lung cancer.
    she has talked about selling her skin for art in the hope of raising money to pay for the keep of her animals after she dies.
    if anyone has more information on the subject we would appreciate whatever they can give us.
    alan and jayne.

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