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Breaking News: Alleged Unicorn Sighting Caught on Tape

We already know unicorns exist. Where else would they be getting all of that unicorn meat from? And if it’s not unicorn, what the hell have I been eating? But despite their existence, those damn critters are completely elusive. Rarely, if ever, caught on camera and never captured for scientific study. Peter Hickey-Jones, a birdwatcher and Toronto native, captured this ...

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The Anatomy of a Mermaid and Other Cryptids

I’ve always sort of wondered how mermaid anatomy works. I figured it would be similar to human biology, just because of the resemblance of our upper bodies, but it’s nice to finally know the specifics, such as the location of the mermaid’s weird-lookin’ vag. I’m confident that this chart was designed by some of the finest marine biologists alive today. ...

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