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WoW meets Right Said Fred in the ultimate gaming mash-up

[ev type=”youtube” data=”ePx57vkg5zI”][/ev] Are you a fan of MMORPGs and cheesy yuppie music? Then look no further. This video mash-up features both. While you’re waiting for WoW to come back up from its scheduled down time, give this a look. Watch as a clever human WoW character displays his moves on this hilariously well done music video featuring the best ...

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iTeddy MP3 Player for the little gadgeteer

[ev type=”youtube” data=”-kwjYSn03-M”][/ev] While the iTeddy isn’t the first product attempt at luring children into the tech world, it’s most definitely the cuddliest. The products site exclaims to “‘bear’ with them” because the site is still under development, but if the iTeddy isn’t the cutest damn MP3 player ever made then I don’t know what is. Downloads for the iTeddy ...

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