iTeddy MP3 Player for the little gadgeteer

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While the iTeddy isn’t the first product attempt at luring children into the tech world, it’s most definitely the cuddliest. The products site exclaims to “‘bear’ with them” because the site is still under development, but if the iTeddy isn’t the cutest damn MP3 player ever made then I don’t know what is.

Downloads for the iTeddy are already available on the site, but only for testing purposes. I’m not sure how much of a draw this will be because of how cheap these videos look. Check out the commercial video above to hear iTeddy’s apparent British accent. After the jump catch the fantastically awful music video to go with it.

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Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [iTeddy]

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  1. Do you know a good website that i can download cartoons and dvds to my iteddy as you can only watch fifi and roary so many times.

    Any help with this would be appreciated

  2. did you get any answers as having same problem

  3. me too i baught my son the i teddy for xmas,thinking you could download allsort’s only to realize that it is a big waste of money.It dosnt let you put anything on it,and when you go on to the web site you have to pay over the odds for a old cartoon.Over all not impressed at all.

  4. i got my 2 daughters one of these i teddys for christmas and i used limewire. i got my daughters several dvd’s for their i teddys like dora and spongebob squarepants etc.
    I did purchase the im a little princess ones off the i teddy site but the theme song is the same on each of the princess cartoons and the tune seems to last longer than the cartoon itself so it gets really annoying to the point that i removed those from the teddy!

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