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Green Wheels: The Enertia Electric Motorbike

Half-motorcycle, half-Prius, the Enertia motorbike is bound to turn heads. With a striking design reminiscent of some Harley-Davidson and Triumph models, this bad boy only does 50 MPH top speed, which may disappoint some. Then you’ll realize it’s a 100-percent electric bike with a bunch of batteries, right as you pass that Sunoco gas station with premium hitting $4.73 a ...

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Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Case Mod: Green With Envy

Forget about the fact that this is even a PC, but even if this were a real motorcycle, the green LED glow would capture my attention. Now, imagine being able to have this Motorcycled Case Mod in your office or computer den. This liquid-cooled Motorcycle Case holds the tradition of other vehicle themed case mods, but goes completely overboard with ...

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Suzuki Starts Production Of Hydrogen Powered Crotch Rockets

Those of us who respect a well-made and gorgeously designed bike will be happy to learn that Suzuki has decided to put their Crossgate concept into production. But that’s not the only good news. The Crossgate is also going to be hydrogen powered, a little perk for the environmentalists among us. Developed with the help of the British Intelligent Energy, ...

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