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DIY Mosquito Killing Device a.k.a. The Handheld Flamethrower

Meant for slaying mosquitoes, but equally capable of maiming an enemy or two, the DIY mosquito killing device is made using various doodads you can undoubtedly find laying around your home. Needed to create your very own mosquito killing device is a bottle of hair spray and an old bicycle handlebar with brakes included. Anything that combines the ability to ...

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Ultra-Light Mosquito Helicopter: Personal Transportation for Cave-Dwellers

The lightweight Mosquito Helicopter concept by Cikaric Dragan, specifically designed for the Army to commute through difficult terrains, would have been perfect for the marauding caveman. No more multiple mile-long treks just for some fine tiger steak. You can even land this sucker right in the comfort of your own cave. A series of levers and a computer control the ...

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Dynamo LED mosquito repellant sounds cool, does it work?

Mosquito bites suck. There are no if-ands-or-buts about it. Aside from the possibility of contracting malaria or dingue fever, those bumps itch like hell. Leave it to the geeks to create a cool solution to this problem. The Dynamo Mosquito-Repellent LED Flashlight makes for a sweet flashlight, and it only costs $9. So the LED works great, you just turn ...

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