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Public Restroom Rules: Please, No Mortal Kombat

Public bathroom etiquette is common enough knowledge that most people probably don’t need signs to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong in the restroom and the people who do need the signs aren’t going to listen to them anyway. I’m pretty confident that signs like these will encourage bad bathroom behavior though rather then deter it. I have to ...

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Screenshots Released for the New Mortal Kombat

I’m not even going to give this newest extension of the Mortal Kombat series the label of sequel. I’m looking at this as a reinvention. The new Mortal Kombat name is being designed as an ode to everything that was great about the original series. Featuring recreations of the original arenas we came to know so well, as well as ...

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Mortal Kombat Becomes Moral Kombat

This is what happens when “Finish Him!” becomes “Finish Your Dinner!” Fatalities meet�hospitality�with what I’ve decided to call the “Moral” Kombat shirt design. I have no idea what the actual title is, and frankly don’t care. Whatever it is I’m confident my title is better. Oh, Raiden, you’re such a gentleman! I wonder if Sub-Zero is going to spend the ...

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The Mortal Kombat-themed NBA Jam Court That Never Was

Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has been tweeting away about rare nuggets from the Mortal Kombat archives. We thought this admission was particularly interesting. Did you know that at one point there was a proposed Mortal Kombat-themed basketball court for one of Acclaim’s NBA Jam or NBA Hangtime games? As it turns out, the court was denied because Acclaim didn’t ...

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