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Samsung announces world’s thinnest AM-OLED, 0.53 mm thick

This new 2.2-inch active matrix OLED screen by Samsung is being touted as the thinnest OLED display ever created for commercial use. Hell, the thinnest period. At an anorexic 0.53 mm thick, a piece of paper is barely competition for this screen. Samsung plans to roll out the new screens over the next few months, providing them to mobile phone ...

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Linux Open Source Greenphone: Hey, it’s worth a try

Developers are gonna love this. The Linux Trolltech Greenphone, complete with SDK tools is really more of a tool or a kit then a “phone” per se. Linux has advertised this phone as a tool for developers to create new software for mobile phones, but on a totally open source spectrum. Its $700 price tag confirms the point that this ...

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