Linux Open Source Greenphone: Hey, it’s worth a try

linux trolltech greenphone

Developers are gonna love this. The Linux Trolltech Greenphone, complete with SDK tools is really more of a tool or a kit then a “phone” per se. Linux has advertised this phone as a tool for developers to create new software for mobile phones, but on a totally open source spectrum. Its $700 price tag confirms the point that this is more then your “typical” phone. The Greenphone isn’t exactly “user-friendly” either. Featuring hardware giltches and annoyances that would through any non-developer off into a hissy. If the Greenphone is going to be a long-term project, the kinks in the system will eventually be worked out, and might even become the standard for developers to work through. Who knows, maybe Linux might move further into the developer realm then they already are.

linux trolltech greenphone

linux trolltech greenphone

Andrew Dobrow

Trolltech’s Greenphone [via SlashGear]

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