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The Catalina missile a boy scout conspiracy?

An explanation for the spectacular missile contrail that appeared in the Los Angeles sky last night continues to prove elusive. Amidst the speculation, a benign possibility suggests itself: could it be that someone got carried away while trying to earn Scouting's space exploration merit badge?

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DIY: USB Missile Launcher

Pesky trespassers, beware! This USB missile launcher is outfitted with a radar that picks up enemy movement in its field of vision. The instructions to make one are provided with a circuit board layout and a free download of the C# code to run it. Just plug this missile launcher into your PC and you’ll be scanning for Charlies in ...

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Incoming! Missiles From the Ceiling

The Atari 1980 masterpiece Missile Command is given a whole new take on interactive gaming thanks to Steven Mason. Steve wrote the clone for the multi-touch wall at Obscure Digital. It’s the same classic game, except you touch to shoot defending projectiles at incoming missiles. This adds a new element of game play and also gets your lazy ass off ...

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