Incoming! Missiles From the Ceiling

The Atari 1980 masterpiece Missile Command is given a whole new take on interactive gaming thanks to Steven Mason. Steve wrote the clone for the multi-touch wall at Obscure Digital. It’s the same classic game, except you touch to shoot defending projectiles at incoming missiles. This adds a new element of game play and also gets your lazy ass off the couch. Chances are it’ll have you frantically slapping your hands against a wall for both exercise and entertainment.

We’ve seen this sort of technology before, even some with some newer games like Warcraft 3, but a classic such as Missile Command gives us a retro game with a fresh take on gameplay. I don’t see this kind of technology boosting the gaming industry’s innovation anymore than the Wii (a modern-day power glove), but seeing old Atari classics brought to life again makes me nostalgic.

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