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The fuse is lit: Gearfuse rebooted

If you've followed Gearfuse for awhile, no doubt you've noticed changes in the last few weeks. We're expanding on the coverage of gadgets and inventions that Gearfuse has long featured, dialing up our filters to gather a broad spectrum of amazement across science, technology, and culture. We're asking big questions (sometimes too big!), overturning our assumptions about discovery and innovation, setting our clocks to awaken us to technology's past as well as its future. The first change happened early in November, when I joined Gearfuse as editor and lead writer.

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Hackers of the world, unite

�Repair is green�repair is joyful�repair injects soul and makes things unique.� Those are some of the claims of Ifixit�s "Self-Repair Manifesto," which is not a self-help tract but a hacker�s call to arms.

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