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Man On Wireless

A controversial radio-controlled flight over Manhattan brings a measure of joy and wonder to the New York City skyline.

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Letterpress chic

We're fascinated by all kinds of technology. Apple's remix of letterpress and desktop publishing may be more mainstream than steampunk, but it reminds us what a tremendous technology the press in all its manifestations can be. Follow the jump for a short film profiling Manhattan printer Robert Warner, master of printing technology from the turn of the last century.

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The River Gym Makes My Bowels Move

“Staten Island? No problem! Brooklyn? Great! Come the fuck over and exercise before we sink!” This is the dialogue I would imagine would appear on TV to advertise the River Gym. What’s the River Gym? Oh, allow me to explain. See, it’s a floating boat-type deal with a gym built into it. People work out and not only do they ...

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New York City With A Taste Of Niagara

How often do city dwellers get the chance to see a wonder of nature such as the waterfall? Not often enough. I live about 45 minutes from NYC, and I can tell you first hand that the city is magical. It has mostly everything someone could want, and then some. While Central Park provides tourists with a dose of greenery, ...

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